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Bye bye skin envy, hello Oolala Collection™

Bad skin just messes everything up, doesn’t it? It makes you stressed out, and the more you stress, the worse it gets. Acne kills your vibe on the date you just hooked, dull skin dampens your mood at the party you’ve planned, and wrinkles let you down when you feel 20 but aren’t living up to your game.

Sick of longing for a flawless complexion with a sinking feeling that it will never happen? Tired of being disappointed by endless products that promise the world, cost it too, and don’t deliver? No more! We can’t. Enough. Let’s get real.

We want properly scientifically researched formulas that target our problem skin areas effectively and sort them out, pronto. We’ve all got problems. Our skin doesn’t need to be one of them. So let’s face our skin problems and watch them disappear naturally thanks to Oolala.

The problem: oily problem skin

The solution: SkinCLEAR Breakout Clearing Colloidal Silt Ultra Mud Mask

The run down: Colloidal Silt is a naturally occurring bioactive silt which is rich in organic components and ideal for nourishing, moisturising and treating skin. Regular use helps promote cell oxygenation which imparts freshness, firmness and uniformity to the skin.

The problem: acne prone skin

The solution: SkinCLEAR Overnight Pimple Solution

The run down: This treatment effectively kills bacteria and dries up pimples overnight, helping to reduce acne blemishes. Use in combination with SkinESSENTIALS Deep Facial Cleansing GelSkinESSENTIALS Purifying Facial Toner – Alcohol Free and SkinESSENTIALS Exfoliator Advanced With Enzymes for wonderfully clear skin in just a few days.

The problem: dull, aging skin

The solution: SkinESSENTIALS Firming and Tightening Cleansing Mask 

The run down: This mask helps to combat free radical activity that compromises skin tone and texture over time. Cleanser helps draw out toxins; enhances and revitalises the skin for a more radiant and youthful appearance. You will see the glow and feel the tightening effects after you use this one.

The problem: fine wrinkles

The solution: SkinESSENTIALS Brightening Eye Serum    

The run down: This 4-in-1 treatment combines 4 peptides to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles within 15 minutes whilst solving the problem of fluid retention and dark circles. Use together with SkinTIGHT Advanced Anti-Ageing Moisturiser Serum – Oil Free which contains peptides that reduce wrinkles on the forehead and mouth by keeping the skin in a relaxed state, achieving a Botox-like muscle relaxing effect, while strengthening the skin.  Also minimises puffiness and fluid retention. 

Try a little experiment.

Take a before pic and one after you have started using the Oolala Collection products for a few days. Post them on our Facebook page so we can all see the amazing difference. We would love to hear from you and see how #fresh you are looking and feeling.

Now you can say bye-bye bad skin for good!

Visit and get ready to start shopping! We are so excited for you to experience this new Proudly South African Unisex brand .

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