beware of botox

According to the latest industry research, the average age women start worrying about wrinkles is 24.

In your early twenties’ skincare is about damage limitation, not age reversal. Prevent damage, don’t fight it. The key is to cut back on habits including sun, sugar, sleepless nights, smoking and alcohol followed by incorporating an effective skincare routine. Education is key.

So-called skincare ‘solutions’

Surgery? Botox? Other injectables? The quick fix solutions can come across as daunting, never mind the exorbitant price tag that is often attached to them. Aside from the cost, for most people, the thought of the toxic chemicals lurking within the needle is enough to scare their face stiff all on its own! Did you know that botulinum toxin, the toxin commonly found in Botox, is associated with the potential to cause significant nerve damage, paralysis and even death? 

The aesthetic risks associated with these treatments are just as harrowing. Long term use can lead to a loss of natural fullness in the face, drooping eyelids, a crooked smile, as well as muscle atrophy (when your muscles literally start wasting away). Plus, many experts have discovered that regular use of injectable ‘beauty’ treatments can leave you predisposed to even greater levels of facial sagging as you age!

Thankfully, The Oolala Collection has the skinny on long term, result-driven skincare!

Advanced Aesthetic Skincare

The Oolala Collection  is a proudly South African, 100% Vegan, 100% Cruelty Free, Paraben Free and Eco-Friendly range of skincare essentials to help you look and feel fresh faced every day.

The Restorative Anti-Ageing Mask from the SkinTIGHT range, contains soy and rice bran extracts to improve microcirculation and relieve dehydrated skin. The Advanced Anti Ageing Moisturiser Serum is oil free and effortlessly softens wrinkles,  Neck & Décolleté Tightening Serum helps to firm up and preserve the neck and décolleté areas for an all-over youthful feeling and aesthetic and our Brightening Eye Serum, a unique peptide formulation helps to visibly reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark rings under the eyes. It also helps reduce crow’s feet and fine lines. This serum contains an astonishing number of actives, as well as Eyeseryl (which reduces puffiness), Matrixyl (which helps produce collagen and improve fullness and elasticity), and Haloxyl (which reduces dark circles).

So, why go under the knife or face the needle when you really don’t have to take drastic measures to hold onto your looks? All that it takes is the formation of healthy habits, with a strict focus on proper hydration and optimal nutrition, and the right products.

Why fake natural, timeless beauty when you can embody it instead?

Our e-commerce platform is easy to use, and tailor made to suit your personalized skincare needs. Just ask our OolalaBOT. Plus, we save you time by delivering straight to your doorstep. Convenience, credibility and clean living define our Club. Join us and discover how easily and affordably healthy, flawless, glowing skin can be achieved and maintained.

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